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Why has Learning become boring?

Why has Learning become boring?

Not just boring... It has become much more than just boring. It has become a tedious, painful and heart-rending process.

It is a shock for me that a process which is made for one's growth can be made so ugly.

"Learning has become such a tedious, painful and heart-rending process only due to those inefficient and lousy methods you have been using till now."

Most people learn without knowing about how to learn. Learning is one thing that you do most of the time. Whether it is Learning an Academic Subject, a Soft Skill, or some Essential things like Cooking, Speaking, or Driving. When Learning is such a big part of life, why don't we take some time out and pay attention on how we learn. And how can we ENHANCE it steps further. Till now, learning things the way our schools and colleges taught us have made Learning a tedious and troublesome process. If we change those methods, we can make learning a very Pleasant and Wonderful process. We must look forward to a world where we see smiles on the faces of students while they are learning. Only then we will be able to create a society where people pursue Education not just for Career or Money, but for the Joy of Learning. May you get Upgraded!

- Team Super-Learning

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