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These 3 Powerful Thoughts can upgrade you Right Now!

What does it mean to Upgrade oneself? There are many aspects to what you call as myself.

You have a body and you have a mind.

A Working Body and a Working Mind! When something is working, there is always a possibility to Enhance its working. Whether it is as simple as a Machine or something as complex as a human body and a human mind. Why is it necessary to upgrade myself? You might ask...

The world is upgrading, Technology is upgrading. If you don't upgrade yourself, you will become a DUMB man with a SMART phone.

So, now that you know why Upgrading is Important, we can get into it.

To upgrade ourselves, we must be in an Appropriate Mindset. Why change the Mindset? You might ask...

As you need an External Environment or an External Support to do anything significant, you need an Internal Environment or Ambience also. That INTERNAL AMBIENCE is your MINDSET.

So, you need to fix the Internal Ambience, that is your Mindset to bring a significant change in yourself. So, what is Mindset?

Mindset simply means a set of fundamental thoughts that are the source of your actions and decisions of your life and governs the way you think.

So, these are those 3 Powerful Thoughts which can Upgrade you drastically if you make them a part of your Mindset.

DISCLAIMER! These thoughts may sound negative to you when you look at them from a surface level mindset. And this is the reason why most people avoid these thoughts just to stay in their own hypothetical comfort zone and these people never do anything significant in life. Positive and Negative is not the point. Whether it will UPGRADE you or will it DEGRADE you is the point.

Thought #1 : For Every Morning

"I will be conscious of all the activities that I will do today."

The morning is the best time to notice how your Wakefulness increases eventually and to see that it gets Increased fast and well.

If you remind yourself to be and conduct all your activities consciously, it will seep into your mind that you have to strive to become more and more conscious.

Thought #2 : For Every Afternoon

"Am I giving my Best?"

Till Afternoon, you might have used your time well or you might have wasted your time well. Whatever you did, Afternoon is the best time to generate this thought - "Am I giving my Best?". This profound question can lead to significant improvement in the rest of the day. Because when you question your willingness, you tend to become willing (at least for that moment). When you push yourself by realizing that you were lagging behind only because you were not giving your 100%, you will naturally tend to do your best.

Thought #3 : For Every Evening

"I will improve at least in one aspect before I sleep tonight."

Evening is a time when you feel tired and sleepy and thus tend to loose that momentum you wanted to set that morning. Before your tiredness overtakes your will, it is important to push yourself more.

From that reminder till you sleep, in those 4-5 hours, you need to give your last best shot of your performance of that day by improving in at least one aspect before you fall asleep tonight. You must sleep by getting very tired. If you give your best shot when you are tired, you will upgrade, you will sleep well that night, you will wake up well next morning.

Try it daily for 7 days and witness the DRASTIC SHIFT in your Performance. May you get UPGRADED!

- Parth Chopra

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Souvik Rath
Souvik Rath
03 feb 2023


  1. Be conscious of what are you doing.

  2. After 12pm or during afternoon ask yourself, " am I giving my best?".

  3. During evening try to do more than what you actually planned to do.

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Anshu Aditya
Anshu Aditya
03 feb 2023

The world is upgrading, Technology is upgrading. If you don't upgrade yourself, you will become a DUMB man with a SMART phone

To upgrade ourselves, we must be in an Appropriate Mindset 1) I will be conscious of all the activities that I will do today. 2) Every afternoon I will question myself. Am I giving my best? 3)Every evening when would feel tired I'll have to remind myself that I need to work so that I get very tired before sleeping and Improve myself in one aspect.

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#Day 1, 28/01/2023

Hii, I am Nagarjun

About my experience of first day in 7 day challenge:

I woke up at 6 or 6:30 am and told myself, "I will do all my actions consciously"

its really hard to do everything consciously ,as a terrible daydreamer, I always used to day dream at spare time even while learning , but I tried to come back to conscious whenever I realize I wasn't conscious ,its more like meditation ,and it is a process there is no goal , one thing that really helped me is taking deep breath , it helps us come to reality easily from illusion

At afternoon , I asked myself what did I do till now ,then…

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Raj Laxmi Verma
Raj Laxmi Verma
27 ene 2023

Always be conscious about what i am doing and what choices i am making.

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Hii, I am Nagarjun

I did some thinking of my own after reading this blog and I realized

, Nothing significant can be made without having an

appropriate mindset, mindset is the internal environment , having internal environment under our control becomes important because everything external changes rapidly and we cant control over it ,only thing we can control or handle is our inner environment , because that's what reflects our reactions to situations and controls our actions etc.

asking right questions becomes one of the most important part of Moulding our mindset which actually helps us to grow

Here Parth bhaiya gave three important questions to ask ourselves

  1. doing everything consciously and analyzing everything at the end of the…

Me gusta
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