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That is NOT Learning!

Many people think that Super Learning means Speed-Reading, Reading more books, Learning more things per day, doing more things per day. It is not about more, it is also about how deep. There are two dimensions of Learning - Breadth and Depth.


Breadth means how much you have learnt. How much variety? What number of books? What number of pages? How many things?


Depth means how deep, how well. In what depth have you learnt something? How much is it a part of you? In what detail? In what clarity? One has to keep a balance between breadth and depth. Both are important. One is your Right leg other is your Left leg. As you have to run, you have to use both with a certain skill and balance. If you use only one, you won't run, you'll just hop around for a while and get exhausted too soon.

The one who is good at covering ONLY the breadth, people commonly call them "Jack of all trades, Master of None".

The one who is good at covering ONLY the depth, people commonly call them "One-Trick Pony".

But the one who has enhanced his/her Learning Skills through proper methods can become "The one who can turn Everything into Gold".

May you become a Super Learner 🔥

- Team Super-Learning

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