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Super Learning Program Day 7

Webinar Replay

There's no use of Learning anything if it stays only till your Memory.

It needs to come down to Ground Level. That is...
On the Level of Application.


In this Super Learning Webinar Replay, We'll look at how to Apply what you learnt in these 6 Days.

Live QnA Session

Attending the Super Learning Day 7 Webinar Replay is essential before your Live QnA Session.

A Live QnA Session has been Scheduled where you can ask your Questions.


To make the Webinar Highly Interactive, their will only be a Small Group of Participants in each QnA Session.

So, don't hesitate to Ask Questions. Ask as many Questions as you can.


Date and the Timing of the QnA Session: 4th January, 8:00 PM

(Meeting Joining Link will be available 15 minutes before the Live)

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