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For Those Who Have Big Dreams

You always wanted to do so many things in your life. But this ONE barrier always STOPPED you from doing so - LEARNING.

You might be a GOOD Learner. But for the VOLUME of Things that you wish to do in your life, trust me, we need to Crank it up a lot!

Somehow, our Education Systems became successful in putting a NARROW definition of Education and Learning in our Life.

Its time to REDEFINE it!


About Super Learning For Mortals

If you are Mortal, your time must be limited.
And if you have Purposes, Dreams, and Things to do in Life...

this time will short for you.

That is why pushing yourself to the limits becomes Integral,

not just Optional!

Till last 10 years, if you Memorized a few things,

that would be good enough to exist in the world.
But now, it takes more than ever before to be EFFECTIVE in the world, just Knowledge won't be enough!

You will have to become more EMPOWERED!
That Empowerment is SUPER LEARNING!

People Ask...

Super Learning


Limited to only select students, click to see if you are qualified.

What is Super-Learning?

First, we must understand what Learning is?

Learning means different to different people...

What is Learning for you?

Memorization and Gathering Information

Knowledge and Building Understanding

Beyond all of these Things

How you learnt to speak your mother tongue...
How you learnt to walk as a child...

 Did that come from Reading Books, Completing Syllabus, Intentionally Memorizing something, Remembering it, Making Notes about it and Giving Tests?


It happened because you allowed yourself to Learn. 
So, learning happened Naturally! In its full flow!

Super-Learning is a way to Enhance your Learning Abilities so that Learning becomes an Effortless Process.

When Learning becomes an Effortless Process, Life becomes EasyEfficient, and Effective Process.

How Does Super Learning Happen?

If one understands the basic MECHANICS OF MIND, one can Enhance his/her Learning Abilities many many times.

There are many aspects of Learning which are very powerful, which one can know about by knowing the basic Mechanics of Mind and can be used to Enhance one's Learning Powers to Extraordinary Levels. Few of them are...

  • Using the Natural Learning Power of your Mind

  • Enhancing and Using Attention in Different Ways

  • Using both the Intuitive and Logical dimensions of Mind

  • Producing Thoughts the way you want them to be

  • Leveraging the Power of Subconscious Mind

When one learns to use all these aspects of Mind, he/she becoming a Super-Learner is more than Obvious. When one stays unaware of these aspects, Learning is definitely going to an Effortful and Inefficient process.

And why are we Teaching you Super-Learning?

  • Because you want to become a Super-Learner.

  • Because we REALLY NEED some Super-Learners in our World.

  • Because we are TIRED of seeing you all Struggling with Learning.

  • Because we are SICK of of seeing you applying all those Crazy, Difficult to do, and Ineffective ways of Learning.

Limited to only select students, click to see if you are qualified.

What is The Super Learning Training Program?

Super Learning For Mortals is a Premium Training Program Designed for those who ...

✅ are looking forward to enhance their Learning Abilities

✅ have goals which seems too Big to be Acheived in this Lifetime

✅ want to leave a Big and Positive Impact in the World

✅ want to Train themselves to become Invincible in what they do

✅ want to do in Weeks or Days what others do in Months or Years

Course Contents

7-day General Course-Flow

Access to Super Learning Community

Access to Special Resources


Here’s a Sneak-Peek At The Transformation You’ll Experience In The 7-Day Course Flow…

First up, note that this is NOT one of those woo-woo events where you get all excited about your potential… only to be let down the day after the program because you don’t have a specific plan or “path” to get you to where you want to go.


To make sure this event is truly transformational, you'll spend 7 intense, action packed days working on your mind, not just knowing about it.

Contents of General Course Flow

  • 40-60 minute Daily Super Learning Video Sessions

  • Daily Tasks to make Super Learning a part of your life

  • Questions and Answers for extra Clarity and Learning

  • Guidelines to take the Super Learning Experience even Further

Each Day Is Designed To Get You To The Next Level By
Unlocking A New Ability Within You

That means you’ll start to put the Teachings and Methodologies in place IMMEDIATELY to begin Evolving into a Super Learner right away … so you can start seeing Results on the very first day.


Here's some of what is covered in the 7 Day Course Flow…

Day #1 - Getting Started

This is about Getting Started with Super-Learning. Taking an overview of it. And seeing our way through it.

Day #2 - Introduction to Super Learning

After getting some clarity on Learning and realizing its Importance, you must be ready to take a dive into it and get one step closer to becoming a Super-Learner.

Day #3 - Getting into the Mind

Know the Mind more closely by Exploring different Aspects of it and Enhancing them to become a Super-Learner.

Day #4 - Bursting the Myths

Whenever we move with Speed, we must Ensure that there are no Speed Breakers. That's why Mythbusters.

Day #5 - Mechanics of the Mind

"It is through mind that we learn, Not through thoughts".
Actually, Mind is more than just Thoughts.
Thoughts is just what you notice.
Dive into the Mechanism of Mind to an extent which Enhances Learning.
"We must know how it works to make it work."

Day #6 - Factors that Affect your Learning

We will look at factors that have an effect on our Learning - Physical, Psychological, and Emotional.
By keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to Enhance Your Learning in a more coordinated way.

Day #7 - Applying all that in your Daily Life

There's no use of Learning anything if it stays only till your Memory.
It needs to come down to Ground Level. That is...
On the Level of Application.
In Day-7, we'll look at how to Apply what you learnt in these 6 Days.

Super Learning Community

  • Dedicated Closed Groups to Interact

  • Targeted Discussion Forum Categories

  • Future Work Opportunities with Parth Chopra and his Team

Special Resources

  • Exclusive Blogs

  • Exclusive Archived Discussions

  • Exclusive Webinars 

  • Exclusive Monthly Newsletters

  • Exclusive Resources for Student / Entrepreneur Plan

  • Exclusive Clips from Closed Group Discussions

Limited to only select students, click to see if you are qualified.

Shashank Karmani

This course proved to be life changing

Untitled (800 × 300 px) (400 × 200 px).png

I have purchased many online courses this year. But this one proved to be life-changing. I am a person who is highly interested in learning more and more about human mind. In this course, not only I learned about the Human Mind, but also I learned about how should I learn.

I would highly stress on the Tasks given after the videos. They were most transforming.

PROi Force Student

Dissolving Self Made Limitations

Untitled (800 × 300 px) (400 × 200 px).png

The Super Learning Program has the Power to Touch and Transform the Very Source of How you Learn. If one is Willing, it can Turn you into a Higher Possibility by Dissolving the Self-Made Limitations. Every Youth who has a Goal which Seems Impossible for this Lifetime, Super Learning must become their Breath.

PROi Force Student

Learning has become easier and better

Untitled (800 × 300 px) (400 × 200 px).png

I would say this completely changee the way i looked at learning and the way i used to learn things. Now i am able to learn any thing easier and better than before. I would suggest it to envery citizen ,not just youth. This will really affect your daily life in postive way.

Sneha Oberoi

Very different from school workshops

Untitled (800 × 300 px) (400 × 200 px).png

It actually helped me in my studies. I am a student of Class 10th and my brother suggested me to join this Program. I thought it about Memorization. Later I found out that it is very different from what I have seen as School Workshops.


Just be attentive, be regular. It would be very fruitful.

Naina Ramani

I have become more open and attentive

Untitled (800 × 300 px) (400 × 200 px).png

Super Learning is 🔥 For me, Learning has been mostly about Memorisation but during the Super Learning Program, this myth was broken. I have become more open and attentive to the Learning that life gives us each moment. And this has been so Impactful in my life! Anyone who desires to Grow and Evolve, should listen and practice what Parth Bhaiya teaches in SLP. I am beyond grateful for this program🙏

PROi Force Student

I am learning "effectively".

Untitled (800 × 300 px) (400 × 200 px).png

This program changed the way I see and Learn things. Now, I don't see learning as a different thing but a part of my life and daily evolving and improving process. After this program, I am Learning with my experience and constantly improving myself. I am learning "effectively". I would recommend everyone to approach this program without any expectations and fully involved in the program.

PROi Force Student

It really works in real life

Untitled (800 × 300 px) (400 × 200 px).png

This is the amazing program. This is totally different from all other programs that are available on the internet. It not only increase your learning level, it enhanced it at higher level so people can call it superlearning. It really works and it also teaches us how to apply, how to make it living reality.

Abhimanyu Mishra

My way of learning has transformed altogether!

Untitled (800 × 300 px) (400 × 200 px).png

I am an Entrepreneur. I applied what I learnt here at Super Learning in learning about Finance and found that my Way of Learning has transformed altogether.


I would recommend everyone that you need to follow the Course Flow as it is designed.

Pawan Kumar

I can now learn stuff 3x faster

Untitled (800 × 300 px) (400 × 200 px).png

It is one of the most organized and well-prepared program for those who are lacking Confidence and Focus. Got so many Mind-Boggling Insights that I have never thought of. A perfect Myth Buster and a perfect Learning Resource. I can now learn stuff 3x faster than I can learn earlier.

Ansh Kunal

This program is a game changer!

Untitled (800 × 300 px) (400 × 200 px).png

The program has transformed the way I Learn and the way I am completely . This tool of empowerment to make the impossible , possible is a must for everyone who wants to grow exponentially . Offered by the legend of our times Parth Chopra himself its preciousness is hard to be described in words it is a privilege that it is made so easily accessible for us . In times like these where the education system is constantly destroying us the youth of the nation in many ways , this program is a game changer .

Pranshu Sahu

My understanding has deepened

Untitled (800 × 300 px) (400 × 200 px).png

I have experienced a different and efficient approach of learning. Now I am able to understand stuffs in more depth even being aware that there is no limit to the scope of improvement. As the myths had been busted so whenever I tend back to old habits, I notice them and use the opportunity to work on them right away. I have learned about the role of brain, mind, attention & even the mechanics of mind. I noticed how much I was messing up with my learning ability with synthetic approaches. Everything is instructed properly. You just have to follow up with the speaker and do the assigned tasks sincerely. The program doesn't end with the completion of day 7, there a lot more powerful stuffs further comes up.

  • For whom is this Program Designed?
    This Program is Designed for anyone who is a Learning Phase, whether you are a School/College Student, an Enthusiast, Learning a new Skill or Mastering that old Skill. Doesn't matter what you are learning, you must be looking forward to enhance it further.
  • What's the Duration and Contents of the Program?
    You'll find all Program Details like Structure, Schedule, Contents, Duration, Guidelines above in this page. For assistance, you may contact us on this email.
  • Till when the Program is available?
    The General Course-Flow of the Program is available for 3 months. But the other Resources such as Premium Blogs, QnA, Live Webinars, Discussions Archive, Dedicated Groups will be accessible even after 3 months.
  • Is there any Prerequisite?
    No. You just need to be Willing to Improve Your Learning.
  • Who will Teach this Course?
    Parth Chopra. Know more about him Here.
Limited to only select students, click to see if you are qualified.
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